Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This site is operated by Material Girl, Inc. of Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Only these terms and conditions apply to the sale of merchandise by us. Any other terms and conditions will only apply if they have been accepted by us.

We sell merchandise solely to end users and only in normal household volumes. 

The presentation of our merchandise invites you to submit a purchase offer in the form of an order. Submitting an order through our website issues a binding order for the products you have placed in the shopping basket. As soon as your order has been received by us, you will receive an order confirmation by email. This confirmation does not yet represent a binding purchase contract. The purchase contact only comes into effect with the delivery of the merchandise.

An order that is binding for you comes into effect when all of the data necessary to complete the contract has been entered, you have confirmed acceptance of these terms and conditions and you have clicked the "Send order" button. Up until the moment you click this button, you can change your order and the data associated with your order at any time.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any order. The decision is made at the discretion of Material Girl, Inc. If an order is not executed, we will inform you immediately by email.  The confirmation of receipt does not constitute a purchase contract; the confirmation of receipt only documents that your order has been received by us.

if you are not completely satisfied, you may return your purchase for a refund. all domestic orders receive free return shipping.

1. all domestic orders (continental u.s.) receive free return shipping one time per order. material girl will email you a return postage label, pre-paid, for you to mail back to us at our cost. to receive your return label please email orders@materialgirlinc.com along with your full name, address, and list of items you are returning. items returned any other way cannot be reimbursed. your refund will be applied in the same manner payment was made.

2. package items securely in the same manner in which you received them.

3. we cannot guarantee a refund if these policies are not met.

4. international returns will be refunded the full amount less our original international shipping costs.

5. should more than 2 returns be made, material girl reserves the right to refund the original payment less our original shipping costs.

6. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.